Ai-Remedial Systems, LLC

Ai-Remedial Systems, LLC (Ai-RS) was formed in 2015 to develop and commercialize innovative groundwater treatment products for the international environmental remediation market. Our founder's 40+ years of experience in hydrogeological site assessment and groundwater remediation have led to the breakthroughs in passive groundwater treatment under development.

Our technology is designed to clean up contaminated groundwater effectively and efficiently, without the use of complicated equipment or external power sources. Treatment media can be easily monitored, accessed, and replaced at anytime during the remediation.

Ai-RS aims to fill a void in the remedial marketplace that currently exists between traditional permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) and far more expensive and cumbersome pump-and-treat type solutions. The Ai-RS SubflowRxTM is a solution delivering the effectiveness of pump-and-treat with the simplicity and economics of a PRB.

The Patented Ai-RS SubflowRxTM

Driven to Treat Groundwater Resources™